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The North Face Shellista Pull-On are stylish and fabulous boots which can be used everyday in freezing cold weather. These boots have high build quality from rich and premium materials to deliver long lasting wear. The rugged and durable exterior and plush soft and warm interior allows you to stay on your feet and go through freezing weather conditions with maximum confidence and comfort. The upper of these boots has been made from BLC Silver compliant suede and full grain leather. The upper has the panels of mesh which have the treatment of DWR or durable water repellent to add water resistant properties. The whole construction of these boots is seam sealed and cement construction which ensure that these boots remain completely waterproof and durable. The upper is waterproof as well to keep your feet protected during wet weather. The collar has the trim of faux fur which traps the warmth inside these boots and prevent the cold from penetrating inside to keep the interior highly toasty and warm. There is a pull on tab at the back which makes these boots easier to wear. These boots have pull on design which allows you to slide them on and off. The bottom shell has been made from waterproof TPR and it has been anatomically designed. The shell also has flex grooves at the forefoot to enhance smooth and stable ride. These boots feature 200 grams of PrimaLoft Eco Insulation which keeps your feet warm in temperatures as low as -25 F. These boots also have dual density EVA midsole which keeps your feet in premium comfort by attenuating shocks upon impact. The midsole also molds as per the shape of your feet and it offers excellent support and unbeatable comfort. The shank has been made from nylon and it is of the length. The outsole has been made from Winter Grip rubber which has been engineered to deliver you exceptional footing on icy and snowy surfaces. The outsole also has IcePick temperature sensitive lugs configuration which maximizes the grip on these slippery terrains for secure and slip free ride. These boots are designed to deliver you unmatched performance in temperatures as low as -25 F. The shaft of these boots is 9 inches tall with 16 inches of shaft circumference. They weigh 1 pound and 4 ounces as per size 8.5. This style can be found in these colors: Rain Drum Brown/ Cub Brown.


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Average Joe

I Thought these boots were Great. They were comfortable and fit very well. These were my First pair of boots. They keep my feet dry and toasty all winter. I would have gave 5 stars but for one thing. The pads inside the boot are supposed to help repel/stop odor. My other shoes have never smelled, but these do. I would love it if they sold replacement pads for inside the boot, those commercially available pads never fit right. I am now on my Second pair just bought today. This time a summer hiking boot. ~ You are in luck because we do have replacement insole on our website to purchase. Over time and extensive use the insoles can become thin and not repel odor as well as they used to. So, a great solution for that is to replace them because the shoes are still in great shape but just need a little revamping.


My original review upon purchase; Just purchased, and hoping for the best. By Wellzy 2/15/2013 I have been a satisfied Merrell for years and have owned two pair of hikers which I love. I have always worn brown hikers, but with a recent new job as a Police Officer, I have to wear black boots. I have never been a fan of the Police type combat boots as they are usually heavy, bulky, not comfortable for walking/running and other reasons. I always wear lighter hikers and wanted a black Merrell to fit what I am looking for. I looked a lover the Merrell line up for black boots and found the Thermo 6. I like the looks and with other styles, they should hopefully feel like a tennis shoe than a work boot. I read the reviews and was almost scared away, as I do not want problems with seams coming apart, the lace loops coming out, or the top of the toe cracking open. With more reading, many others say they have held up nicely so I decided to purchase them to be my new work boot. They arrived and after the first try-on, my 9.5 seems like I almost should have gotten a 9 as there is a little room in the toe. The traction will be great and they seem very well made. I will update after some use as to how they feel, and if there are any problems. I hope I made the right choice, they are awesome boots! - Well I have been walking in the boots at work for 7 months and have been watching for the leather and rubber stitching to come apart, it hasn't. I watched for the lace loops to pull off, they haven't (I pull them tight horizontally instead of upward) I have watched for the rubber toe to crack, it hasn't. Instead, the inside of the toe, on the top where the fuzzy liner is has worn away where they bend. They hurt my feet so I must use two pairs of socks to stop the rubbing on my toes from the inside material. I like the boot and own two other Merrell hikers, and want to continue wearing these but the inner should have lasted more than 7 months IMHO. Great traction, weight, and warmth but they hurt now. I read there have been upgrades, maybe this was part of it.


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